Civil Engineering Work

Specialist Civil Engineering Contractor

J&R Civils Ltd is a progressive civil engineering company in the south-east England offering latest civil engineering techniques. We’re ready to take up the work even in the most demanding environments while minimising the environmental impact.

How can J&R Civils help you with Civil Engineering Works?

  • Whether you have a project to carry out in a challenging terrain or in an ecologically sensitive area, our expert engineers relish the opportunity to develop innovative solutions.
  • We listen carefully to your requirements so that we truly understand your needs before proposing solutions. This collaborative approach runs through every strand of our work, keeping you integrated so you can see the results of our efforts and easily provide feedback.
  • We always take a professional approach towards each project and propose effective and affordable alternatives - often saving you considerable time and money in the process.
  • We operate across the UK for a number of industry leading clients, and apply our expertise and experience to a broad range of challenging civil engineering projects.

Why Choose us?

  • We are a sustainable and environmentally accredited company.
  • We have the expertise and possess a forward thinking approach in undertaking construction work in some of the UK’s most demanding environments.
  • Our in-house team of engineers have the skills, knowledge and unparalleled experience across a broad spectrum of civil engineering disciplines to create something spectacular for you.

We undertake all areas of civil engineering including but not limited to the following:

  • Rivers & Canals
  • Public Realm Works
  • Road Widening and Maintenance
  • Multi-Utility Infrastructure
  • Waste and Recycling facilities
  • Street Furniture Installation
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Utility and Communications Infrastructure
  • Preservation & Restoration
  • General Civils and Utilities
  • Landscaping and Road Works
  • Land Drainage & Flood Protection
  • Environmental Improvements and Urban Renewal
  • Industrial, Commercial & Private Development Infrastructure

To get quotes for all kinds of Civil Engineering contracts and works, please contact us on 020 8805 1337.